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eZ Community Board meeting minutes - April 21, 2015

Tuesday 05 May 2015 8:46:36 pm

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting, April 21 2015. Our previous minutes can be found here.

eZ Community Board meeting 21 April 2015

Present: Robin, Roland, Bertrand, Gaetano, Gilles, Joe, Greg, Ivo


Open meeting

Topics to be added to agenda?

1. (new) Ivo - eZ Summer Camp

Ideas by the community board, for eZ Summer Camp. Ivo has already suggested some ideas like: how to use one 3 hour or 1.5 hours slot for community topics. For example we could make a workshop how to contribute with bundles and make kernel pull request etc, maybe even how to be engaging in other ways like blogging, etc. We could also do a mini unconference thing to see what are people doing with new stack etc.

Notes: Ivo joined our meeting. Discussed ideas (above), blogging/engagement of community. Gilles suggests a barcamp. Roland: future of share.ez.no. Blog on share.ez.no, to share the ideas, ask the community for feedback what they would prefer. André: two topics, how to contribute, how to move the community forward. Bertrand: round table, for example, what community tools do you need/want. Bertrand: practical, pull requests, how-to’s.

Bertrand to Roland: What will the status of share.ez.no “changes” be at the time of the summer camp ? Being worked on, or planned ?

Ivo: get the best from the situation, of having the people in a room. Contributing (how) versus community.


- If we do roundtable, we should end it with who can help on the ideas as well. ideas are great, but we (us in the call, and our co workers) have lots of them

- the second part on contributions can be on how to help out as a mentor maybe, help others help themselves maybe, rather than how you do a contribution yourself.

Action (Robin): post on share, summarize ideas and ask for feedback. Ivo will first send us a summary.

2. (new) Heath - mirror projects.ez.no

Heath has contacted me (Robin) and wants to mirror projects.ez.no. How do we approach this? How much work does this require from Sylvain/Engineering?

Notes: André: we as a board should decide if we want to host/mirror this as an archive. The idea is to create something new for Platform. So anything on projects.ez.no would be moved (github). André: 1, archive the old projects.ez.no, 2, build the new platform.

Action (Robin/Bertrand), contact Sylvain, where it is hosted, put it in read only. Inform Graham it will be archived and kept available. Looking into keeping this open for contributions. Invite Sylvain for the next meeting, to discuss this topic.

3. (ongoing) New role Bertrand

Draft Bertrand, for share.ez.no, not startedDraft for ez.no, work in progress by Scott

Notes: Needs to be finalized by Bertrand and André for the blog

4. (ongoing) Status new governance doc

Robin waiting for Roland to clarify status of the document, if it needs further edits, or if it can be published as is.

Notes: Robin received the latest version, will pick this up this week with regards to posting on share.ez.no.

Action (Robin) share on the list, ask for final acceptance, then publish on share.ez.no.

5. Release/roadmap platform

Notes: Late April, alpha next release.

6. New board

Community board agreed (by vote) to have a final vote for the new board at eZ Summer camp.

Next meeting  

Date/time: Monday May 11, 18.00 CET.

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