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The Week in Review: New Home for eZ Platform Bundles, Conference Updates and More

Friday 26 May 2017 8:04:51 pm

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This week we share news about a new home for eZ Platform Bundles contributed by our community, more conference updates, a speaker interview with Inviqa’s Richard Jones and more.

Week 21 in Review



Find the bundle you need for your eZ Platform website

Until recently projects.ez.no was the place to share your eZ Publish extension as a developer. Because this was the only place to share extensions for eZ Publish at the time, eZ Community members also used it for sharing eZ Publish 5 and eZ Platform bundles. But projects.ez.no was not built to submit new Symfony bundles.

Now, with eZ Platform v1.x and ezplatform.com, we decided to draw a line between eZ Publish (also known as legacy) and eZ Platform and officially announce: everything related to eZ Platform will be on ezplatform.com.

The first major improvement on ezplatform.com is now live! A list of Bundles, contributed by our Community. Read the full blog by Sylvain Guittard, Senior Product Manager. It also lists some upcoming features such as design improvements, and bundle search with SolrBundle.

eZ Conference updates

More updates this week on eZ Conference. eZ’s Product Innovation Board is a by-invitation only event that meets every year to provide feedback and input on the road ahead for eZ software. This year we’re excited to have the Board meet at eZ Conference on Tuesday, June 6. Read the full announcement here.

If you have visited or read about our conference, you know we honour our community members and partners through the eZ Awards Ceremony. The 2017 eZ Award finalists were announced this week. It will be exciting to see who will take an award back home.

Interview with Richard Jones: Content in 7 Dimensions

Last week eZ System's Community Manager Robin Muilwijk caught up with Richard Jones, Technical Director of Inviqa’s Content Practice, for a quick interview. Richard will present a keynote at eZ Conference in London titled Content in 7 Dimensions. Read the full interview in our blog and get a sneak peek into Richard’s keynote.

In other news:

Social media

Twitter - @eZSystems: In less than 2 weeks we'll be at Tower Hotel in London for eZ Conference 2017! Register today: http://conference.ez.no/  #ezconf2017

eZ Conference 2017 in London

Twitter - @mugo: eZ Publish string template operators (extract, insert, remove, contains, + more) are now UTF-8 friendly https://github.com/ezsystems/ezpublish-legacy/pull/1298 #ezpublish

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