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re\VISION New York - We Are All Publishers: Keys to Content Marketing (NEW YORK, NEW YORK, U.S.A.)

10 Jun 2015

The re\VISION speaker series returns to New York, this time covering a new hot topic: content marketing.

Today, everyone is trying to become a publisher. But not many know how to create effective content or how to best get their content in front of their target audience.

At re\VISION New York We Are All Publishers: Keys to Content Marketing, we will explore what it takes to get the most out of content marketing through guest speakers and panel sessions by sharing with you the best practices from brand and content marketing experts.

What is re\VISION?

re\VISION is a speaker series and professional forum organized by eZ Systems and its partners to encourage discussion on today’s fast-moving digital ecosystem. It seeks to uncover and explore the challenges that content creators, digital publishers, marketers, web designers and business professionals all endure in the digital landscape. We invite you to join us for insightful presentations and to take part in discussions about current and future content marketing trends.

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