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Administration Interface - switch from dynamic to static sub items

Administration Interface - switch from dynamic to static sub items

Tuesday 16 December 2014 11:57:13 am - 3 replies

Hi everyone,

is it possible to switch from dynamic loading of sub items in the administration interface to a static display of the sub items, when the page is displayed?

This call:


in the div id="content-sub-items-list"

Any help is appreciated!

Tuesday 16 December 2014 9:31:04 pm

If I'm understanding correctly what you want, then take a look at your contentstructuremenu.ini and set the [TreeMenu] Dynamic=disabled

Wednesday 17 December 2014 7:04:52 am



I think Andreas is looking to disable the javascript sub items display instead and go back to the older admin static server side template based sub items navigation.

Sadly I do not know if this is easily accomplished since the sub items templates and javascript are quite tightly coupled to the admin design templates. Hint there is no ini option here for this.

In theory you could create a hybrid of the older version of the admin design and use ini settings per siteaccess to use that design instead but that would be strongly discouraged as probably creating more problems than it is worth considering you would be loosing lots of big improvements to the admin this way.

Andreas, Why do you feel you need the sub items to be static instead of dynamic?


Thursday 18 December 2014 11:41:50 am

@Heath, thats correct, thanks both for your reply. The reason why I want do disable this feature is, that there is always a delay in displaying the subitems, which is in the course of time annoying.

So it would be great, that at the time the page is loaded, the subitems are available too.

But as I have seen, it would be tricky to achieve it. Maybe there is a conifguration hint to improve the server performance for this requests?


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