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Dates before 1970, how to?

Dates before 1970, how to?

Sunday 11 January 2009 2:59:23 pm - 5 replies

I am making a History site, dates are a problem here due to the limit of dates before 1970, is there any soution within ez to add dates older than 1970.


Sunday 11 January 2009 5:18:45 pm

Hi Jorge,

the birthday datatype will do the trick:


Greetings, ekke

Monday 12 January 2009 10:34:58 am

Hi Ekkehard,

We should push to make this part of the core eZ Product. In Social Media Terms the birthday is quite important.


Monday 12 January 2009 11:02:14 am

Hi folks,

sorry - ignore this post - link was already written above.

Modified on Monday 12 January 2009 11:06:39 am by Georg Franz

Monday 12 January 2009 2:41:58 pm

This is certainly something we want to address in the core of eZ Publish as well. A new or updated datatype built around the new DateTime class in PHP 5.2.x allows us to gracefully use a much larger date span, and we will get time zone calculations for free.

We have to wait until we bump the requirements of eZ Publish to PHP 5.2.x though, before we can add this.

Monday 12 January 2009 2:55:30 pm


I thought 5.2.x is already a must for ez 4 because the current ez components are requiring php > 5.2.0 ?


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