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eZ 3.5.2 - help with speed-up tweaks?

eZ 3.5.2 - help with speed-up tweaks?

Wednesday 25 May 2005 12:11:38 am - 4 replies

Hi folks,

We've just launched a new site to production, and I'm looking for some help in further optimizations I may not yet have performed. Page load times are excellent (.075 seconds) with all of the below features enabled, plus eAccelerator installed (on a P4 3.2ghz), and cache blocks in strategic spots:



Here's what I need help with. Whenever new content is published, page load times go way up. Whenever I make template changes, clear cache and recompile templates, page load times are HORRIBLE the first time a given page is loaded. Think 6-10 seconds -- way too slow.

What else can I do that I haven't already done to speed up this first page load before everything is cached? I've thought of resorting to using some sort of Web site spidering tool to crawl the whole site, load all the pages, and get it over with.

Any other suggestions?

Wednesday 25 May 2005 12:33:47 am


From what I've heard in the forums and seen first hand is that a cronjob that runs an automated agent (program) to crawl your site regularly is the best way to date to achieve your goal.

Either a static list of wget commands for each key url or better yet an automated feature rich agent like <b>httrack</b> to crawl the entire site.

Tho, I expect with the (<i>soon</i>blunk.gif Emoticon upcoming release of 3.6 that will all change as static regeneration of content could be less visible to the average user?


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Wednesday 25 May 2005 8:30:37 am

Hi Craig

What version of eZ are you using? Versions prior to 3.52 had issues with the precache generation.

When you make changes to the templates have you tried compiling the templates by hand using the bin/php/eztc.php script?

I suspect that you will encounter the same issues even if you spider the site.

Do you have a URL that we can look at?


Wednesday 25 May 2005 2:09:41 pm

Hi Bruce,

I'm using eZ 3.5.2. I do compile all templates using eztc.php after template changes. I've built shell scripts that call eztc.php for my user and admin siteaccesses. Of course this helps, but I'm still stuck with long initial load times.

Part of the problem is that I am doing a LOT of dynamic image resizing. Much of the processing that happens initially after a cache clear is image resizing -- there are two pages in particular that take over a MINUTE to generate thanks to about 30 images per page that the system must resize.

Last night I implemented a workaround fix using HTTrack from the command line. I have this tool spidering the whole site on command down to five levels depth. In tests, it completely solves the problem after about 20-25 mins or so, so I'll be running it after cache clears, and have set it up to run as a once-a-day scheduled process too.

Note... I couldn't get wget to work for me in a spidering capacity... it seems not to like eZ's urls and I couldn't figure out a solution.

Friday 03 June 2005 1:51:13 am

Hi Craig

Have you turned on debugging and looked at the timings table?

When you say "I am doing a LOT of dynamic image resizing", do you mean that you are not using the eZ publish image resizing?

While I haven't looked at the code that handles the images and cache clearing, I'd doubt that the image variations would be cleared from the system each time the cache is cleared.



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