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How to handle a big tree of products?

How to handle a big tree of products?

Wednesday 09 January 2008 6:18:22 pm - 7 replies

Based on an Ez 3.10 installation

Having structured a new site to build in the near future that will have 1400 products categories and taking into consideration that products will populate all that structure, the tree could be a really big headache.

So, I am asking if someone has done such a big structure with ez and if you can recommend me if the tree menu at the administration could handle so much information.

I would also like to know for a good solution in the public site on how to handle the tree so usability wouldn't be affected by time response from the server trying to show so much information.


Wednesday 09 January 2008 7:29:55 pm

Try to categorize (product type) the content by using a tree structure. Making it easier/faster to find stuff for the user.
1 or 2 level deep tree structure, anything more will just add too many clicks to find stuff.

Also pay a lot of attention to search, mosts importantly how you display the result, grouping by product type (the tree structure I mentioned above) an so on.

Modified on Wednesday 09 January 2008 7:31:06 pm by André R

Thursday 10 January 2008 10:44:28 pm

For admin interface, an extension for randomized mass tree node generation could be useful. Have you guys seen anything like that?

Friday 11 January 2008 12:25:34 am


Checkout, http://svn.ez.no/svn/extensions/contentgenerate

I think it needs more feature development but it's a start ...

Modified on Friday 11 January 2008 12:28:33 am by // Heath

Friday 11 January 2008 7:28:30 am

This is neat! Thanks, Heath!
Jorge, I'd use that to check how this 1400 node structure should behave. You can model it within an hour with this extension blunk.gif Emoticon

Friday 11 January 2008 2:37:27 pm

Thanks to all...

I have tryed the extension and generated (whatever it generates, no docs found) selecting the root node and folder class, just to try.

The tree menu has at Home level all folders, But I just cannot understand what has happened, are all forder nodes moved to the home node?

Can someone explain just a bit so I can understand how it works?

thanks again....

Saturday 12 January 2008 7:46:59 pm

In my case the newly created nodes with <b>lorem ipsum</b> names were instantly visible in the content structure. I used folder class just to avoid any unpredictable problems. I'm afraid there was only a problem with the quick mode, after the first attempt I was only able to use full publishing, but that's fine as well.

Monday 14 January 2008 11:56:41 am

Congratulations Allhappy.gif Emoticon

<i>I'm afraid there was only a problem with the quick mode, after the first attempt I was only able to use full publishing, but that's fine as well.</i>

Piotrek, I once wrote, long a ago, a simple set of patches for this extension to provide a feature sorely needed (at the time) which was to ignore attributes of a specific criteria (required..I think) when creating content objects of any type with out errors. It was really useful.

Sadly I dreamed up the feature at 2007.02 eZ Training in Vancouver, CA at eZ North American H.O. and my laptop was destroyed before the data could be salvaged. I always think about that patch, the patch not contributed.

Our eZ training day leader Kristian Hole really encouraged me to contribute, that it was a great feature which would improve the program. I agreed but missed the chance.

Still this feature should be relatively simple to re-create for the person with a need or the time to contribute a modified version with the improvements they have made to other general purpose extensions.



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