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integrating forums & chat

integrating forums & chat

Friday 13 July 2007 1:57:22 pm - 2 replies


Just two questions:

Does any one knows any chat application which ingrates with ezPublish 3.9?

And the other question. Is there any complex forum which integrates with ezPublish? I mean something like phpBB.

With integrate i mean sharing username/password ( single sign on ) and not modifying kernel files or login handlers in any of the applications.


Luis Muñoz

Saturday 14 July 2007 6:48:32 pm

I recently heard of an interest from one of our customers to integrate a <i>meebo / meebome</i> (adjax im) into their eZ Publish Commerce website.

From: http://blog.meebo.com/products?o

<i>"meebo me is an embeddable IM window you can drop onto any personal webpage – it lets you chat with site visitors in real time from meebo.com. Visit http://meebome.com to build a customized meebo me widget. You’ll be chatting with people on your site in no time!"</i>


Tuesday 17 July 2007 2:16:35 pm

Thanks for the reply.

The problem is that this project requires chat and advanced forums and i have really few time to code my own forums and integrate a chat. Think that for this project i will go with drupal and see what happends.
I know nothing about drupal but at least chat and advanced forums are integrated,

Luis Muñoz


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