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EzFind sorting by relevance

EzFind sorting by relevance

Thursday 05 April 2012 4:52:35 pm - 1 reply

Hi, I want sort for published, desc and relevance but the search is over all fields...

For example I would just like author, title and description. It's possible with Relevance?

Thank you!!

This is my code:

{def $find= fetch( ezfind, search, hash( query, $searchkey,
                                         limit, $pagelimit,
                                         offset, $offset,
                                         section_id, 1,
                                         ignore_visibility, false(),
                                         filter, array('published:[NOW-180DAY TO NOW]'),
                                         class_id, array('content','video','blog'),
                                         sort_by, hash( relevance, desc, published, desc)))}

Friday 06 April 2012 6:40:35 pm


relevance is calculated with all attributes. but i think you can boost somme attribute to make then prior than all others : 

if you want only these attribute to be use in search : author, title and description.

try to boost then : the doc is here :https://github.com/ezsystems/ezfind/blob/master/settings/ezfind.ini

at line 207

dont forget not to modify the ini file but override it ...

tell us the result.




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