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Indexing attributes

Indexing attributes

Friday 11 January 2008 2:56:11 pm - 3 replies

Is there a way to control which attributes of a certain class should be included in the indexing?

Friday 11 January 2008 3:18:59 pm


eZ Find will index the content depending on how the content classes in eZ Publish are configured. It index the same data as the regular search in eZ Publish.

Monday 11 February 2008 2:04:56 pm

hi Kåre,

i have the next situation in my project.
Class A with attributes (name, short_name, description, image) all are not searcheable.

if i search a word that is in the name of one object of class A, the search returns this object.

my question is how can i exclude this class from search?

thanks, fran

Saturday 22 March 2008 11:49:19 am


It's not possible to exclude this object at the moment. However, I think this sounds like a bug. If all attributes are non-searchable, the object itself should not be searchable. Can you please create a bug report about this here : http://issues.ez.no/ProjectSelect.php?Id=8

Best regards


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