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Dispaly content with line type

Dispaly content with line type

Tuesday 07 March 2017 9:36:44 am - 1 reply

please i need your help, 

i want to dispaly a content with line " not full" so i modifify the ezplatform.yml like this : 


                     template: "line/point_of_interest.html.twig"


                            Identifier\ContentType: "point_of_interest

but this configuration dont work, when i show the page of content. 





Monday 13 March 2017 1:35:48 am

Hello Abdelhamid,

First, please try to refrain from cross posting and double posting the same or similar questions in the forums: Re: http://share.ez.no/forums/ez-plat...matching-rule-for-a-new-content-type

In response to this second post I would ask you again to post a gist of your current ezplatform.yml text so we are both on the same page.

If your trying to override the full view template with instead a line view template you may find this is possible yet may not be truly exactly what your looking for in the end. It sounds like to me that you should create a full view template which inside of the full view template then includes line view templates (ie: a line view template include, list of line view objects). I could be mistaken or confused though.

If you want to override a full view template with a line view template you should not use the "content_view" line but instead use "full" and then specify the template: "line/point_of_interest.html.twig"

This is an untested suggestion but based on experience.

I hope this helps!



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