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blank page - ezpub 5.4

blank page - ezpub 5.4

Sunday 28 January 2018 1:33:25 pm

hello i have blank white page sad.gif Emoticon can anyone help me ? what i did ...

i decided to update php from 5.3.8 to 5.6after upgrade my main site has blank white page. but anyway if i open www.mysite.com/index.php it works.

Not fully because my links doesnt work ( i have not module found error - kernel (3))
so i back with php version to 5.3.8 again but it is the same sad.gif Emoticon blank white page againso i suppose that php version has nothing to do with error.
i tried to clear all ezpub cache but it won't help.

i didn't touch any config - so it was working before php action - now its not
ezpub 5.4 
best regards

ps. all other non ezpub sites works without problems

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