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Multisites best practice ?

Multisites best practice ?

Monday 28 November 2011 1:12:36 pm - 1 reply


I hava to make 2 websites with this configuration :

  • 1 .com with 3 languages
  • 1 .fr with 1 language

The both website have the same graphic structure then i will use the same eZ Publish instance.

But i don't know if it's better to have 2 differentes databases or just 1 like it's recommended here (http://share.ez.no/learn/ez-publish/lots-of-websites-one-ez-publish-installation-adding-siteaccesses-in-ez-publish).

Do you have any suggestions ?

Thanks a lot





Monday 28 November 2011 2:00:47 pm

Hi Etienne, 

If the content is strictly separated between the two domains, having 2 databases will work out. But in case some content sharing is happening between the 2 domains / 4 languages, one single content database is highly recommended. 

Generally, setting-up one single database will help any potential, future content sharing process.



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