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No Pagination - How can I manually view results?

No Pagination - How can I manually view results?

Friday 23 December 2016 4:08:18 pm - 3 replies

Our eZ platform has been messed up for a long time and our vendor never fixed a problem we have with pagination.

The problem is present anytime pagination should be available, but I can get around it if someone will share the manual path needed to step through the results.

My immediate issue is -- We have a tab in the admin interface that will provide a "URL Alias Report".  I enter a node ID and a page of results will display.  I'm certain there are more than 50 results.  

The URL path I get is:  my.example.com/tc_node/url

What is the path I can use (or append to the URL) to manually step forward and view additinal pages?

Friday 23 December 2016 4:55:52 pm

Hi Kevin,

That looks like a custom module view, thus unfortunately there isn't a guaranteed system-wide pagination parameter that you can use. It would depend on the code in the "url" view PHP or template file.

Saturday 20 May 2017 8:23:09 am

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Tuesday 30 May 2017 5:46:16 am

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