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Slow site on localhost with mamp - os x

Slow site on localhost with mamp - os x

Thursday 27 September 2007 4:43:03 pm - 3 replies


my site is incredibly slow on every task (setup, admin, page refresh...) and I'm running it on localhost on a G4 733 MHz 1 GB ram.

Mac Os x 10.4.10
PHP Version 4.4.6
Apache Version 2.0.59
MySQL Version 5.0.37
Ez Publish Version 3.9.3

Is there some checkings I can do for be sure that everything is ok?
Sorry for being so generic, but I'm not expert and looking for a hint to start from.

Thank you

Thursday 27 September 2007 5:50:17 pm

Hi Alex,

I'll suggest you that check the permissions for the var folder and all subfolders. Perhaps the system can't create the necessary cache files and is making everthing really slow.
Debug activation can help to find the problem.
Also review your ini settings and make sure that viewcache is activated too.


Thursday 27 September 2007 9:05:02 pm

Also take a look at some articles at this site for optimizing php / apc / apache / mysql on mac:

Friday 28 September 2007 9:50:42 am

Hi Alex,

I know from my own experience that running eZ Publish (or PHP apps in general) gives poor performance on PowerPC processors. I've tried running eZ Publish on both a G4 1GHz CPU and on a Dual 2GHz G5 and both was very slow. The new Intel Macs however seems to be running eZp much, much quicker...

Ole M.


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