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Updating a production site

Updating a production site

Tuesday 10 January 2012 3:20:54 pm - 1 reply

Hello all.

I am currently facing a big problem for the deployment of changes to a production site.

It was expected that the project be delivered in two stages.
A lot 1: part with the showcase site.
A lot 2: with advanced features.

Lot 1 has been successfully delivered a few months ago. 

Users have created accounts.

Directors are created content. 

In short, the site has its little life.

At the same time we started the development of Lot 2 on our development environment:
* We have created new classes of content.
* Modified the existing classes.
* Created new content. (With classes unchanged, the modified classes and new classes.)
* Edit and deleted content that was delivered in lot 1.
* Obviously, we have created templates to display the new content and modified existing templates to suit the changes.
* Finally, we referred to node_id in our configuration files ..

Today our lot 2 is almost. But we must put it into production without interrupting the service is too long and I do not see at all how to do ....


By following this procedure:

 We can use the system package for new classes and new content. But this does not seem practical for modified classes.
 I found a way to transfer the roles and rights.
But there is too many manipulations done by hand for this to be done on time.


Thank you for your help.

Monday 16 January 2012 6:33:40 am

Hello Rémy,


I have actually answered some similar questions quite recently here,



I suggest reading the above link entirely and all the answers provided, including this potential solution to everyone's needs. Check it out!



I hope this helps ...


Apologies for the lateness of my reply.




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