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URL Customization generated

URL Customization generated

Tuesday 10 December 2013 2:37:04 pm - 1 reply

Hi There, 
There is one thing that seems not doable in Ezpublish : 

It seems very difficult to have a virtual structure  of your urls : 

For example, if you would like adjust the generated urls from the actual site structure 

by  removing unecessary folder  




1/ You can achieve this  by using the  URLALIAS  for accessing the links  but not for the Alias  links generated by the system  ex (fetched in the template or in the editor in the backend ), it seems  you can't force generated url aliases to use yours.

2/ Another solution would using the  PATHPREFIX to remove folders in the tree, but you can only use one PATHPREFIX per  siteaccess and therefore if you already have multiple site acces lets say 1 siteaccess per language , this   becomes impossible.


if anyone has got a tip on this , i would be extremely grateful!





Modified on Tuesday 10 December 2013 2:39:27 pm by Michel Gedo

Thursday 12 December 2013 9:28:08 am

Probably the URL is being written via a template. Override that template and add your logic there.


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