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Changing the URL for the language links

Changing the URL for the language links

Wednesday 25 January 2012 5:14:38 pm - 3 replies

Hello eZ Community

i am struggeling with a problem in configuration of the multilangue part of my site.

i have two different siteacces i mean i have created one other siteacces except ezwebin which is already installed in my ezpublish.

my site in its current language is nearly finished and i have a french web too ,  

In translation box in top of my site whenever i click on -eng-, it goes to the en site of ezwebin, even the -fre- part goes to french ezwebin. 

i have an error in my log which says :

Tried to find siteaccess based on 'eng-GB' but 'eng'
 is not a valid RelatedSiteAccessList[]

but i cant find how to change it .

my english page's name is: mysite_en i do not want to have maysite/eng/

on the other hand in my language template i have:

<ul>    {if and( is_set( $DesignKeys:used.url_alias ), $DesignKeys:used.url_alias|count|ge(1) )}       

{def $avail_translation = language_switcher( $DesignKeys:used.url_alias )}


{def $avail_translation = language_switcher( $site.uri.original_uri)}  


 {foreach $avail_translation as $siteaccess => $lang}    

   <li{if $siteaccess|eq($access_type.name)} class="current_siteaccess"{/if}><a href={$lang.url|ezurl}>$lang.text|wash}</a></li> 



in my site.ini i have changed RelatedSiteAccessList[]


SiteLanguageList and everything related to add a siteaccess.

i have read all the forum about multilanguage but i havent found my response

does anyone  have any idea?

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Thursday 26 January 2012 12:28:23 pm


Here is the checklist to make this feature works. Make sure that these settings are properly set :

  • SitesSettings.SiteURL at siteaccess level
  • RegionalSettings.TranslationSA at siteaccess level
  • RegionalSettings.LanguageSA at siteaccess or override level
  • RegionalSettings.ContentObjectLocale at siteaccess level
  • SiteAccessSettings.RelatedSiteAccessList at siteaccess level
  • SiteAccessSettings.AvailableSiteAccessList at siteaccess or override level

See my current site.ini file in on of my blog siteaccess in french (blog_fre) :

# Usage : TranslationSA[siteaccess]=Title
# Usage : LanguageSA[language_code]=siteaccess

The site.ini file for the related english siteaccess (blog_eng) looks the same, except for :


You can also have different TranslationSA values if you want different labels in the languageswitcher toolbar.

Hope this helps


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Thursday 26 January 2012 4:55:32 pm

Fantastic! I'd looked for it everywhere! I had'nt found anything! now it works!

thank you verymuch!

Thursday 26 January 2012 5:14:18 pm

You're welcome happy.gif Emoticon


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