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eZ 3.5 New Release: Runs at a terribly slow speed. What solutions are there for people on a shared environment?

eZ 3.5 New Release: Runs at a terribly slow speed. What solutions are there for people on a shared environment?

Wednesday 29 December 2004 4:58:05 pm - 4 replies


I have installed the new release (my first eZ install) and am most unhappy with the super slow performance speed ...

A few notes:

I run my eZ copy on a semi-dedicated server environment.
I do not have access to the php.ini file.
I do not have shell access.
My server has the latest versions of PHP (PHP5) and MySQL installed (CGI Mode)
My server also has the last PHP4 version installed (as a Module) but that will not be supported for very long.

Hardware stuff:

Pentium 4 CPU at 1.7 GHz
1024 MB RAM
40 GB Space
250 GB Bandwidth
Semi Dedicated Server

My question is, how can I speed up the performance for eZpublish?

I have been using typo3 for a long time now and there you have the MMTurck Cache Extension (Module) which you can install to speed up the performance of your page which works wonders.

I am bringing up Typo3 because, very much like eZpublish, the system is HUGE and takes up quite a large portion of resources as well which can slow down the entire system.

Any tipps are greatly appreciated happy.gif Emoticon



Thursday 30 December 2004 3:23:27 pm

This looks like cache problem. Did you set right permission to var folder. You can also turn on DebugOutput in settings/override/site.ini.appnd.php


Friday 31 December 2004 10:29:10 am

You can use turckcache with every PHP based system. ezpublish benefits greatly from it (I'd even say it's not really usable without).

Friday 14 January 2005 4:30:46 pm

Thank you a ton for the recommendations.

I do have another question though and I hope this is not too idiotic a question.

How can I get a php accelerator to work with eZ? Is this configurable within eZ or do I need to manually install the accelerator on my server? I do not have access to the php ini file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS: is there an accelerator for php that you'd recommend over mmturckcache for eZ publish??

Thank you in advance,


Friday 14 January 2005 9:27:30 pm

Okay, sorry for that question. I realise this can only be done by my webhost.


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