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Help! How to improve performance (eZ = slow)

Help! How to improve performance (eZ = slow)

Friday 17 December 2004 1:56:33 pm - 1 reply

I set up an eZ site a few months back. The site runs on a FreeBSD 4.7 Stable 800mhz/512mb server with plenty of diskspace. I use Apache 1.3.27, MySQL 3.23.54 and PHP 4.3. eZ version 3.3-2 (3.3).

My problem is that the site is extremly (!) slow. When I make a request for a page, the response comes first after perhaps 6-7 seconds.

Try it here: http://www.stoff.tv/

I was hoping someone could give me some help here. Suggestions on how to improve performance is highly appreciated.


Friday 17 December 2004 3:14:00 pm

Hi Andreas,

From what I've read in the past, slow performance on *BSD systems is caused by stat() calls whenever a file is accessed. Since one eZ publish page has quite a lot of include, a lot of stat() calls take place.

The number of stat calls depends on the "depth" of your eZ publish installation in the directory tree. There is a stat call for every level in the directory tree (or for every directory if you wish). Example: /opt/software/web/ezpublish/sites/www.stoff.tv/

That makes at least 7 stat calls (6 directories + the file itself) for a file, and even more for files in subdirectories.

The best thing you can do is put your eZ publish installation directly under the root (Example: /www.stoff.tv ). This will reduce the number of stat calls for any file.



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