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Scalability and Clustering

Scalability and Clustering

Thursday 06 October 2011 3:45:59 pm - 8 replies

Hello everybody,

I would like to know if you can suggest me a place where I could find information about scalability and clustering on eZ Publish. I have search here in the forum and in the documentation, but I haven't found any concrete information and only outdated posts from 2004 and 2006 in the forum.

We have a site with a few million visits per month.

I need the information to explain why it will be eZ a good choice as our CMS.

Any help is highly appreciated.


Thursday 06 October 2011 5:02:11 pm

Here are a few links I found in learn section:

Clustering in eZ publish 3.8

Using the Squid Reverse Proxy to Improve eZ Publish Performance

Clustering eZ Publish

eZ Publish Performance Optimization Part 1 of 3: Introduction and Benchmarking

eZ Publish Performance Optimization Part 2 of 3: Identifying Trouble Spots by Debugging

eZ Publish Performance Optimization Part 3 of 3: Practical Cache and Template Solutions

eZ Publish: Performance Best Practices

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Thursday 06 October 2011 11:44:44 pm


Millions of visits is possible with good cache blocks.

And if your site is not personnalized for each user (no session needed), I don't think you need a cluster. Install and configure a good reverse proxy such as Varnish and use Varnish extensions (http://projects.ez.no/all2evcc

With this configuration, you will probably need one or two web servers and another one for the DB

Friday 07 October 2011 5:25:12 am

Millions of visits is possible with good cache blocks.

The problem here is period and server specifications, millions of visits in one month is possible, thousands of visits at the same second is difficult, cache blocks still access the file system and it does take time, if, let's say, each file access costs 0.0001 sec we can deal with max 10000 pageviews per sec, if each page has only one cache-block and if we don't use any sql query, 'cause sql queries does costs a lot, some simple sql queries (update) could cost 0.01+ sec which means only 100 queries per sec max

The problem is concurrency and the kind of site. As long Todos Ponen didn't specify which kind of site we're talking about we can't give any concrete info, I mean certain kind of sites needs lots of sql updates or another things we need to know before.

Post Note: All I said applies only if you are going to use ONLY optimized cache-blocks, if you are going to use cluster too it's pretty possible to handle millions of pv per day.

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Friday 07 October 2011 10:50:39 am

Thiago and Nicolas, thank you very much for the info. I will check the links.

Have a nice weekend!

Friday 07 October 2011 11:08:38 am

Sorry for not giving any links, but there are a lot of posts in the forums discussing clustering, caching, performances - and some of them are pretty recent.

Millions of pv per day are possible with eZ - but if your site is a facebook clone, it's gonna be though.

Random ideas:

- use static cache (native feature) for the pages that make up 80% of traffic if you have no reverse proxy

- use varnish with ESI, or varnish/squid with an extensions that allows a high ttl and still do proper content expiry

- put nginx in front of apache, let nginx handle requests for all static content

- learn how to porperly use cache blocks. count queries per page across the site, with warmed up caches and with caches off (1st page view after editing scenario)

- do your http/html optimization following yslow/pagespeed advice

Monday 10 October 2011 1:55:43 pm

- put nginx in front of apache, let nginx handle requests for all static content

hi Gaetano. and how about avoid apache entirely and let nginx and php-fastcgi do all the job?

Monday 10 October 2011 9:07:46 pm

@Carlos it is an efficient setup, but it is not supported by Enterprise edition

Monday 10 October 2011 10:09:53 pm

@Gaetano. Thanks!. Any plans to support it in a near future?

Btw, having ngix in front of apache is supported by Enterprise? 


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