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Slow site = config problem?

Slow site = config problem?

Thursday 14 July 2005 12:11:49 pm - 3 replies

Even with viewcaching and template compilation enabled my test server's performance (v.3.60) is very slow. The base index page (after compilation/caching) is taking c. 0.5 secs to load.

I've done some testing, peppering the code with timing points and discovered that anout 30% of this time is take by the following line:

require_once( 'kernel/classes/ezcontentclass.php' );

This file only contains class definitions and doesn't execute anything as far as I can tell. Does this suggest that I am hitting some memory constraint in apache such that a swap file is being used at this point or could the file be on a dodgy bit of disk? Probably not this since loading it from a second disk makes no difference.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


Thursday 14 July 2005 8:23:44 pm

I've now rebuilt php with --enable-memory-limit so that I can track memory usage. The results are rather alarming!

A really basic page (already view cached & compiled) uses 9460KB of memory and the time bottleneck I'm seeing coincides with an increased usage from 2247KB to 5570KB. More complex pages/templates use even more!

Does eZPublish really need to use this much memory?


Thursday 14 July 2005 9:06:57 pm

Ok - some rooting around and I find some comments about APC reducing memory usage. So I've tried it out and get the following approx results:

No accelerators 0.50 secs 9.4MB
php_accelerator 0.23 secs 9.7MB
APC 0.14 secs 1.1MB

I think I have my answer.

Thursday 14 July 2005 9:22:25 pm

Hi Geraint

Yes, eZ publish is resource hungry (both RAM and CPU), even with a php accelerator and some fairly simple presentation logic in templates.

If you ever are to be slashdotted, turn the static caching on which is available from 3.6.x happy.gif Emoticon



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