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How todisable user/login and user/register ?

How todisable user/login and user/register ?

Sunday 30 March 2003 3:04:26 am - 2 replies

Even if in templates doesn't use login and register buttons, the user can always write the address in browser.
I can disable it creating an empty template in user module of design, or even redirecting with mod_rewrite, but is there anything like CanRegister=False and CanLogin=False or RedirectLogin=/content..... RedirectRegister=/content.....

Paulo Almeida

Monday 31 March 2003 10:23:34 am

You can use the SiteAccessRules group in site.ini. It's not in the standard site.ini but you can find an example in settings/siteaccess/demo/site.ini.append or settings/siteaccess/sdk/site.ini.append.
Here you can specify which modules are allowed to run and which aren't, you can then disable the user module.

Module/view enabling/disabling is not supported yet.

Monday 31 March 2003 1:52:37 pm

Thank you, it worked.
SiteAccess is something that i still have some problems. Like URIMatch.... and so on.
In sdk, is there [SitePrecheckRule], I didn't found anything about that in documentation, can you explain me what it is? Or documentation will shortly include that information.

Best Regards
Paulo Almeida


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