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Spread the word

Social media : Twitter, Google+ and the likes

All you need to know about this is right here : http://share.ez.no/get-involved/exchange#twitter


LinkedIn and other Professional Networks

The eZ Ecosystem is also gathered on LinkedIn : eZ Ecosystem LinkedIn group.

Local initiatives can be found at:

Are there other local communities we should know about? Let us know and we'll post them here!



A common practice for spreading the word about something you like or find useful is to link back to it. From your various online presences (your blog, your user profiles, etc.) we encourage a link back to: http://share.ez.no. A link-back, a small description if there if there is room is benefit to our community and to your profile as a web professional.


On your resume

Stating that you know eZ Publish on your resume is a plus! eZ Publish developers are intensively head-hunted, so tell promote your design and development expertise.


User/Interest groups

When participating to user or interest groups, mentioning eZ Publish, when appropriate, is a guarantee of a continued growth of the eZ Community. These simple actions help push the boundaries of our Community.


Are we missing anything?

The world of social media is moving fast, tell us where you think the eZ Community should be! Contact us here.

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