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How to Create eZ Publish Forms

Wednesday 19 December 2007 8:44:00 pm

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Up until now, we have been configuring the membership application form, but we have not yet created the object! To do so, first click the Content structure tab of the Administration Interface.

In our case, we will place the form directly beneath the top-level node of the Content branch; therefore, we do not have to navigate any further in the Administration Interface. In the Sub items window at the bottom of the page (if it is missing, click the Sub items switch underneath the main menu of tabs), select the new form class from the dropdown list, then click the Create here button.

New Membership Application Form object

In this example, the only fields with content are shown below. Since all other attributes are information collectors, they can be left blank.

Object fields part 1

Object fields part 2

Once you are done filling in the object's contents, click the Send for publishing button.

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