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e-mediad GmbH

e-mediad GmbH

Herwarthstr. 4


50672 - Koeln


s.buecker @ e-mediad.de


Phone: +49-221-949693-50

  • Advanced Partner

e-mediad GmbH, Germany

e-mediad was founded in 2002 in Cologne, Germany to develop web solutions, combining a high level of both, creative and technical expertise.

We determine our clients' unique situation, what they want and what they need in a web solutions, and then develop a solution individually suited to those needs. Most of our applications are based on the CMS eZ Publish and its extensions, like eZ Find, eZ Flow, etc. We produce a state-of-the-art user experience, no matter what channel (browser, phone, tablet, etc.) users choose to use to view our clients offerings.

References: www.rechtsportal.de, www.e-mediad.de, www.odoscope.com, www.ecpp.info

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Rechtsportal, powered by Deubner, a WEKA Group company

Rechtsportal, powered by Deubner, a WEKA Group company - http://www.rechtsportal.de

Deubner Verlag from Cologne, Germany, a division of Weka Business Information, responded to the digital challenge in 2010 with the development of www.rechtsportal.de using eZ Publish Enterprise Edition. The Deubner team built the site in collaboration with eZ Advanced Business Partner e-mediad, also based in Cologne.

Today rechtsportal.de is a major online information source for the German legal profession. The portal covers 3 major and distinct channels of legal information: Familienrecht (family law), Mietrecht (tenancy law) and Verkehrsrecht (traffic law).

The site offers a crisp and efficient user experience for its target audience of legal professionals and is an important asset for a company that is recognised as a publishing innovation center within the Weka group.

Thanks to scalability the new platform also paves the way for further online business units to be produced with increased speed and efficiency.

Find out more on the case study here.


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