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The eZ Publish extensions forge, projects.ez.no, allows you to add your eZ Publish project and get the tools needed to manage it. These include:

  • Area for news articles, downloads, forums and image galleries
  • RSS feeds of your project's activity
  • Subversion source code repository (possibility to use Github.com as external repository)
  • Encourage others join your project

Here are the latest projects from the extension forge :



eZ Survey is a flexible extension. BF Survey File adds a new question type that will permit files to be uploaded int an ezsurvey. The binary files are stored in the 'var' directory under a specific directory. The path to the binary file is the 'answer' value.

Google spreadsheet

Embed a Google spreadsheet, with and without header.


Creates objects automatically

eZ Tagmaps

Create a map with links to tagged objects, e.g. show your offices or projects on the map.


ez publish extension to detects bots by IP or browser signature in order to contextualize behaviour


OW Mobile is an ezpublish extension providing tools for mobile detection and user redirection.Mobile detection and redirection can be processed either by PHP or JavaScript.User can choose to visit the standard website even on a mobile device.Both methods use detection regexp from http://detectmobilebrowsers.com/

eZ Advanced Autoload

Correctly manage autoload for eZPublish


This extension allows to display Web Analaytics tag for Google Analytics


This extension allows to add Web Analytics tag for Xiti Free


This extension allows to add share buttons using addthis


This extension allows to generate well formated, indented and valid XHTML pages using PHP DOM classes.

NXC Powercontent

This extension brings extended functionallity to create/update/remove eZ Publish content.The key features are:- Ability to download files from external resources when creating or updating objects- Ability to specify HTML for ezxmltext attributes- Ability to set/change locations (main and additional)- A debug functionality is built in – it’s convenient to use in the command line scripts- When an object is updated no new version is created

eZ Tagfeed

Create RSS feeds from tags, using the hierarchical tree structure from eZ Tags


GroupDocs is a next generation Document Management solution that makes it easier for businesses to collaborate, share and work with documents online. So, organise, view, annotate, compare, assemble and share all your documents with eZ Publisher

NXC Social Networks

This extension implements full eZ Publish integration with social networks, and provides the following capabilities:- SignIn button, which allows users to login/register via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google) in one click- eZ Publish template fetch functions to get the social network feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)- Publish to social networks from eZ Publish (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)This projects source code can be downloaded from GitHub: https://github.com/nxc/nxc_social_networks

HO Export

HO Export is an extension for eZ Publish to export (part of) an eZ Publish site for offline use, in particular to distribute on a CDROM.

BF Survey Captcha

add-on to ezsurvey extension with a '(re)captcha' question type.


eZ Publish 4 extension to access on logs.


eZ Publish 4 extension to automatically generate classes and roles documentation.

CJW Mediaconnector

CJW Mediaconnector is an eZ Publish extension for file upload and file management on external servers. You can use simple network file systems like FTP or WebDAV or external cloud storage services like Youtube or Slideshare.

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