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Thursday 28 July 2011 4:35:41 am

Here's a small patch for 2 template files, fixing a URL typo, adding i18n for My menu items, and slight English tweaks. Feel free to add to the project.


Index: extension/ezworkflowcollection/design/standard/templates/updatestate/list.tpl


--- extension/ezworkflowcollection/design/standard/templates/updatestate/list.tpl (revision 45)

+++ extension/ezworkflowcollection/design/standard/templates/updatestate/list.tpl (working copy)

@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@

<div class="context-block">


{* DESIGN: Header START *}<div class="box-header"><div class="box-tc"><div class="box-ml"><div class="box-mr"><div class="box-tl"><div class="box-tr">

-<h1 class="context-title">{"Contents in state"|i18n('extension/ezworkflowcollection/design/admin/updatestate/list')} <i>{$state_name}</i> [{$list_count}]</h1>

+<h1 class="context-title">{"Content in state"|i18n('extension/ezworkflowcollection/design/admin/updatestate/list')} <i>{$state_name}</i> [{$list_count}]</h1>



{* DESIGN: Mainline *}<div class="header-mainline"></div>

@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@




-<div class="right"> {"List contents in state"|i18n('extension/ezworkflowcollection/design/admin/updatestate/list')} :

+<div class="right"> {"List content in state"|i18n('extension/ezworkflowcollection/design/admin/updatestate/list')} :

<select name="State" onChange="submit()">

{foreach $state.group.states as $element}

<option value="{$element.id}"{if $element.id|eq($state.id)} selected="selected"{/if}>{$element.current_translation.name}</option>

@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@



<div class="block">

-<p>{"There is no contents in state"|i18n('extension/ezworkflowcollection/design/admin/updatestate/list')} <i>{$state_name}</i></p>

+<p>{"There is no content in state"|i18n('extension/ezworkflowcollection/design/admin/updatestate/list')} <i>{$state_name}</i></p>




Index: extension/ezworkflowcollection/design/admin/templates/parts/my/menu.tpl


--- extension/ezworkflowcollection/design/admin/templates/parts/my/menu.tpl (revision 45)

+++ extension/ezworkflowcollection/design/admin/templates/parts/my/menu.tpl (working copy)

@@ -11,11 +11,11 @@

<li><div><a href={'/content/pendinglist/'|ezurl}>{'My pending items'|i18n( 'design/admin/parts/my/menu' )}</a></div></li>

{if fetch( 'user', 'has_access_to', hash( 'module', 'collaboration',

'function', 'view', 'user_id', $current_user.contentobject_id ) )}

- <li><div><a href={'/collaboration/view/summary'|ezurl}>Contenus en attente de validation</a></div></li>

+ <li><div><a href={'/collaboration/view/summary'|ezurl}>{"Content awaiting approval"|i18n( 'design/admin/parts/my/menu' )}</a></div></li>


{if fetch( 'user', 'has_access_to', hash( 'module', 'updatestate',

'function', 'list', 'user_id', $current_user.contentobject_id ) )}

- <li><div><a href={'/etats/list'|ezurl}>Contenus en attente de publication</a></div></li>

+ <li><div><a href={'/updatestate/list'|ezurl}>{"Content awaiting review"|i18n( 'design/admin/parts/my/menu' )}</a></div></li>


<li><div><a href={'/notification/settings/'|ezurl}>{'My notification settings'|i18n( 'design/admin/parts/my/menu' )}</a></div></li>

<li><div><a href={'/content/bookmark/'|ezurl}>{'My bookmarks'|i18n( 'design/admin/parts/my/menu' )}</a></div></li>


Wednesday 04 July 2012 5:06:09 pm

Hi Gaetano,

I think you got the wrong link for the last download, you are proposing ezperformancelogger-0.5.0.zip.


Best regards,


Wednesday 24 July 2013 12:36:30 pm

You are right. It seems I migth have lost the original 0.5 zip file, but now 0.6 is available

Tuesday 06 May 2014 4:05:38 pm


I am using the subtreemultiplexer for the following situation:

EditorXY publishes article in subtreeXY and approverXY gets an approve message.

EditorABC publishes article in subtreeABC and approverABC gets an approve message.

Works until approver approves article. After that the approver gets a second message to approve the same article. Only then the article is published.


Also the dropdown in adminbackend->workflowediting->subtreemultiplexer seems to be broken. I have 3 workflows in the dropdown available. I configured the 2. entry, but everytime i want to edit, the dropdown the system chooses the first entry

In adminbackend->workflow->view i can see, that there are two workflows to trigger, but i only configured one.

Am I doing something wrong?

I am using ez4.7


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