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Monday 13 June 2011 - http://projects.ez.no/ngcomments

Netgen Comments is an eZ Publish extension that builds upon existingeZ Comments extension adding AJAX commenting capabilities.

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Thursday 16 August 2012 12:35:29 pm


I can't use the extension because:

a) the current user id is needed, so it's not cachable, no content view cache and no CDN possible)


{def $current_user = fetch( user, current_user )}


b) there are hard coded image paths in the javascript like this:

'<div class="comment-loader" style="display:none"><img src="/extension/ngcomments/design/standard/images/ajax-loader-comments.gif" alt="Loading ..." /></div>' +

Best wishes,


Friday 28 September 2012 10:05:30 pm

Hi Georg,

I'm sorry for replying so late, it seems that notification for the thread never reached my inbox sad.gif Emoticon

Anyways, to answer your questions:

1) Current user is used to attach the edit/delete links to every comment when the user is authenticated. I honestly can't remember why it was done that way.

2) That's a simple oversight happy.gif Emoticon

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