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Diff Squad

Any member of the eZ Ecosystem can submit a bug, feature request, or pull request. The eZ Diff Squad’s job is to help bring those submissions to maturity, so they are ready for quick handling by eZ Systems Engineering.

Would you like to become a member of this team?
Please apply by sending a simple message to the Community Project Board here:http://share.ez.no/authorcontact/form/111598.

Community Project Board

The eZ Community Project Board mission is to lead the community, facilitate collaboration between the community and eZ Systems and to foster innovation of the eZ Publish content management platform.

Stay tuned with what is constantly happening on the Innovation side by following their blog. You can get in direct touch with them, for any purpose, right here (sign-in required).


The members of the share.ez.no team bring initiatives, gather feedback from the community, innovate and ensure the eZ Community Portal continues to be the bleeding-edge and fun-to-use tool for people working with eZ Publish. The community members have active blogs, which you can follow via rss or our other social media and online channels.

Want to join this team? Email us at community [at] ez [dot] no. You will be warmly welcomed.

36 542 Users on board!

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