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Updates about share.ez.no

Wednesday 24 October 2018

Although eZ Publish still has official support, with the release of eZ Platform, our community has centered around ezplatform.com and other platforms such as Slack and Discuss. Check out ez.no/Open-Source for a current list of resources.sha...

Blogs moving to ezplatform.com

Sunday 12 November 2017

With recent changes such as developer doc and the new forum now centered around ezplatform.com, I will be posting future Community Board blogs on our Developer Hub.

eZ Publish legacy 2017.08 and legacy bridge v1.3.0 is here

Saturday 02 September 2017

eZ Publish legacy 2017.08 is here, offering a single release to use both for the new eZ Platform Enterprise users coming from eZ Publish, and for community users that has previously been forced to pick one of the many community forks.

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