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The eZ Publish Community Project is where innovation happens, where the eZ Community and eZ Engineers collaborate, contribute to eZ Publish's kernel to make it tomorrow's Content Management Platform, learn more...


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eZ Publish Code Repositories

eZ Publish 4.x series ("legacy")
eZ Publish 5
All other eZ Systems repos, including eZ extensions


Participate in eZ Publish development

The eZ Publish Community Project is where innovation happens. The eZ Community and eZ Engineers collaborate and contribute to the eZ Publish kernel to make it the Content Management Platform of tomorrow.

This is the place where you can :

  • Propose new features,
  • Develop new features,
  • Request enhancements,
  • Fix bugs,
  • Report bugs

Coding along with the other contributors to eZ Publish will help you to learn eZ Publish even deeper, become recognized as an expert..

But coding is not the only way to contribute. We welcome involvement such as feature proposals, issue reporting, or testing and translation. We also welcome the sharing of knowledge with blogs, forums and tutorial writing. Seize your chance!

The eZ Publish Community Project is managed by a Board of community members and eZ employees. The Board communicates through its blog: To get in touch with them you can post comments on the blog posts, or get in direct touch with them: The Board’s main role is to foster significant innovation at a fast pace. eZ Publish Community Project is not intended to be used for used for production platforms. Rather, it is an opportunity for eZ Ecosystem members to share one's real-life eZ Publish experiences by contributing features & bug-fixes. The supported, quality-assured, production-ready version is called eZ Publish Enterprise Edition.

If you are thinking of developing major features, implying a large set of code changes, you first have to submit your idea to the Board, which ensures a proper synchronization of all initiatives. Also, you need to sign a Contributor Licensing Agreement (CLA) before submitting your contribution : Contributor Licensing Agreement - CLA

Here is how eZ Publish Community Project is built and distributed: Release Policy


Develop & share eZ Publish extensions

Have you developed a cool extension for eZ Publish? Would you like to share it, and get other community members to help you push it ahead ? Then you should visit and open source it there. Log in with your account (the same as your account), and create a new project there. You may want to first check that no similar extension already exists, in which case it may be preferable to join the existing team and contribute your ideas, suggestions or existing code.

This platform gives every project a simple collaborative development sandbox:

  • Forums
  • Subversion repository
  • News wall
  • Home page
  • Rating system for people to praise or blame
  • Galleries for screenshots
  • Download section



How to use GIT/Github to contribute to eZ Publish

How to contribute to eZ Publish using Git is a must-read before contributing to eZ Publish Community Project. It gives :

  • Tips & tricks on how to use git/github with eZ Publish,
  • Guidance on how to submit your code

Propose features in eZ Roadmap

eZ Roadmap is the place where:

  • Anyone can come-up with a feature idea,
  • Anyone can rate a feature by +1-ing it onto his/her own roadmap,
  • Discussion happens about the feature
  • You can openly indicate interest in helping describe or developl a feature.

Details on eZ Roadmap here: eZ Roadmap description & FAQ


Coding standards

The coding standards have been published for your review. Please read them and send feedback here:
The eZ Coding standards need you !



The eZ Publish documentation can be found here: The API documentation can be found there: An alternative documentation source is, which complements the API documentation.

Lots of knowledge can also be found in the tutorials section: Contribution is totally open there. We encourage you to come-up with your idea for a tutorial, and we'll publish it!

Community contribution to the documentation is being organized, stay tuned.

Documentation contributors are actively encouraged, so please let us know if you are interested in writing new documentation or maintaining existing documentation.

eZ Systems also provides a large range of training programs:


Issue tracker

Use to report issues, bugs or requests for enhancements on eZ Publish and extensions. If you discover a security issue, please see how to responsibly report such issues here:


Zeta Components (formerly known as eZ Components)

The Zeta Components are used in the kernel of eZ Publish, and can be  used when developing your own extensions. You may want to have a look at this high-quality library of loosely-coupled PHP components.

Visit the Zeta Components website :



A list of development tools is being consolidated, including best-in-breed eZ Publish development extensions, or how to find IDE plugins on

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