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The eZ Community is active on a number of communication channels. Here is a list of those channels. Follow them to stay tuned to what is going on in the eZ Community!


A very common way to participate in a community project is to become active in forums. The eZ forums can be found at If you already have experience with eZ Publish, a great way to contribute is to check the forum regularly and help other community members by answering questions. In many cases, you will learn along the way yourself. If you are new to eZ, we invite you to stop by, read the forums and use them to learn.

From, pick one of the existing forums and ask a question, make a remark, answer others' questions, or simply read through the existing information. The following forums and RSS feeds are available:

The "Extensions" forum is broken down into extension-specific sub-forums:

One forum is dedicated to translators and linguists translating eZ Publish:

One forum is dedicated to local eZ Publish communities who do not have a dedicated platform and would like to share in their native language :

If you think a local community is missing a forum in a specific language, tell us and we'll make this happen. Contact us at:

Finally, this forum welcomes suggestions for the eZ Community portal:

This feedback forum is often used in conjunction with the issue tracker (not to be confused with the general eZ Publish issue tracker).

Don't forget to please respect the Forum Etiquette.



Blogging is a common way to share your thoughts. Daily, weekly, monthly, now and then? Any member is welcome to have their own blog on the eZ Community portal. You are just a few clicks away from this: Your blog on the eZ Community portal

A central blog planet is aggregating many community members' blogs: (available through RSS ). If you have an existing blog on a separate platform, and discuss eZ Publish, we invite you to share it through the planet:

Localized initiatives also exist, including the French language blog planet:



The eZ Community is now on Slack. Join the discussion:




Follow the eZ Community activity through RSS. Here are the feeds available:

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Different accounts for different needs:





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Live news, forum activity, blogs activity. And feel free to check & follow the @ezcommunity followers.

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Announcing events within & around the eZ Publish Community

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Announcing all offers published on the Job Board. Stay tuned!

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Commit log of eZ Publish & extensions automatically pushed to Twitter.

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eZ Systems on Twitter!

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Tweets in Japanese, from Japan!

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Chinese equivalent of Twitter, tweets in Chinese mostly!

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Connect with the eZ Publish Community on Google+ here.

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