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Upcoming eZ Publish Git/GitHub changes

Tuesday 29 January 2013 5:10:27 pm

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Now that eZ Publish 5 is out, there is a need to cleanup our Github repository naming to avoid future confusion for new and existing eZ Publish users. We plan to do this Wednesday 11:00 CET in two weeks (12th of February). If you have a clone of an eZ Systems' repo somewhere, we highly recommend you to read on, you are likely affected!

Update: This change has now been done, go to "Reconfigure GIT" bellow to update your git checkout of eZ Publish if you have one!

 The breaking changes will affect eZ Publish repositories only, and that is the topic in the rest of this post. As for other changes to other repositories; only one is that we will soon stop maintaining stable branches of ezfind as this is duplicated work of what we support internally for our customers.

If you use eZ Publish from Git (development version) then you need to do two things:

  • Re-configure git settings
  • If you are using “ezpublish5” or “ezp-next”; run composer update.

Specifically the changes will (also see the related JIRA issue for more info): 

before after
ezpublish ezpublish-legacy
ezp-next ezpublish-kernel
ezpublish5 ezpublish-community


 A bit of background

 We have already discussed these changes extensively, but feel free to comment on this below or in the JIRA issue.

For history we planned to call ezp-next “ezpublish-api”. There is only one issue, it does not just contain the API.

As for the ezpublish5 change to “ezpublish-community”, this is to reflect that it is the community distribution of eZ Publish, and that it is a joint effort by both eZ's Engineering team and you guys! This repository is a meta repository, and in the future it can pull in external community bundles using the powers of composer, reducing the barrier of including more features and enhancements on top of the product. Simply create a bundle, create a Pull request for adding this as dependency and start a vote in the community on including it as a feature.

What about Forks?

As far as we know, forks are not affected by this. Github keeps the link between them, and the fork is not renamed so no action is required.


1. Re-configuring Git

Re-configuring Git from command line

To reconfigure tracked repositories (remotes) that are renamed, you have to use the following command:

$ git remote set-url <name> <newurl>

If you have performed a regular clone of one the affected repositories, the usual remote name is "origin". The following commands should do the various relocations:

$ cd /path/to/legacy/ezpublish
$ git remote set-url origin
$ cd /path/to/ezp-next
$ git remote set-url origin
$ cd /path/to/ezpublish5
$ git remote set-url origin

Re-configuring GitHub for Mac

This client does not seem to expose such functionality, try to use the commands above, but be aware that you might have to install git first (safely check with command `git --version`).

Re-configuring SourceTree for Mac

Atlassian SourceTree (App Store) allows you to change the repository url in repository > repository settings as shown below.

Git remote renaming using Atlassian Sourcetree

2. Composer update

As part of this we will update the composer.json setting. This should only affect you if you have a local clone of “ezpublish5” or “ezp-next”. If it is the case you will need to pull-in changes and run 'composer update'. Assuming you already have composer installed and updated, here is the simple sequence:

$ cd /path/to/ezpublish5
$ git pull
$ php composer.phar update

If you want to speed-up the composer update, and don’t need to get a full git checkout of the “vendor” libraries, use “--prefer-dist” like so: `$ php composer.phar --prefer-dist update`

Still issues?

Try renaming vendor directory to "vendor_temp", and run "$ php composer.phar install".

Check-out the changes before they happen

The changes are available on Github as Pull Requests. So if you want to have a sneak peek at the upcoming changes, look here:


Open question: Rename Composer packages?

One open question remains; should we also rename composer packages to be the same as the new repository names?


Spread the word!

Last but not least, make sure you share this info with everyone you know that uses eZ Publish from GIT!


Thanks for reading and sharing :)
eZ Engineering team

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