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Arne Bakkebo

Quality software development introduction

Friday 01 March 2013 10:57:25 am

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This topic actually came up on the eZ Unconference in Köln this october. In one of the workshops people where asked what kind of quality assurance they used for their software development. The answer wasn't very uplifting, only a couple of the companies participating was actually using code reviews and the likes to improve their code quality. This, however, doesn't really surprise me.

I work in a company called Making Waves, situated in Oslo. For the last couple years I've tried focusing the attention on improving the software development processes, both for the projects I've been working on and for the company as a whole. I've had partial success. I would like to share my attempts, problems and potential solutions here, in an eZ Publish context.

Earlier I worked for eZ Systems, as a consultant in their Oslo office. eZ Systems have had a definitive success on improving the quality of their kernel software development processes during the last few years, from somewhere around eZ Publish version 4.2 and up. Those of you who have worked with eZ Publish for some time I'm sure can remember the problems presented with the 4.0.x versions, as well as earlier versions. These kind of problems have ceased to exist in the eZ Publish kernel because of their focus on quality. I'm not quite as happy with some of the choices they have made on their official extensions, many of which have felt like a prototype that seemed like a good idea to package and send to market. However, apparently they have started using the same quality assurance measures on these, so I'm hoping this will improve in the future as well.

Let me emphasize that I'm not trying to criticize these companies. I'd imagine they're better than most in this respect. I'm just using them here as a practical example that I have some knowledge from.

In Making Waves I have worked with moving us from a Subversion based society to using git as a code repository system. My focus have been to get some code review system in play, and we are using code reviews via Github in a few projects today.I've also set up a one click automatic deployment solution that works well with eZ Publish, and use an approach to continuous integration in one project. We've recently started work on automatic testing, so far mainly writing unit tests, and this is something I would like to have more focus on in 2013.

My plan is to write a series of posts about these topics, and I hope to get some feedback from the eZ community. What do you people use in this regard, and what would be best practices? I'm writing this for a purpose and the purpose is two-fold. Firstly, to improve the quality of the eZ Publish community extensions out there, as well as the focus on development quality. And secondly, to learn something from it.

What do you think about this? Is this interresting or relevant for you? I would like to get a debate about these things in the community, I do not feel like babbling along in my own little corner. :)

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