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Google+ comments for eZ Publish 5

Saturday 08 February 2014 9:59:00 pm

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The CommentsBundle, added with eZ Publish 5 in november 2013, makes it easy to integrate cloud based comments to any site. By default, it supports Facebook comments and Disqus. The GooglePlusCommentsBundle adds support for Google+ based comments.

While very basic, the bundle does get the job done.

Set the default comment system to googleplus, and there it is. Commenters are authenticated via their google account, and any comment can be automatically sent as a Google+ share.

Google+ comments integration

Any reshare of the URL will also show up in the comments stream, even if it wasn't created from the embedded form.

To install it, add this line to your composer.json:

require: {
    "bdunogier/ezp-googleplus-comments-bundle": "*"

At the time of writing, version 0.1.0 is released.

Contributions are of course welcome, as well as javascript:mctmp(0);. Possible evolutions are:

  • support for comments count instead of full form
  • canonical URI support

Anything else I'd be missing ?

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