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Proof of concept: a better eZ Publish 5 application layout

Saturday 25 January 2014 5:47:20 pm

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I've always been a bit annoyed by the way eZ Publish 5 apps are structured. Having to modify the original EzPublishKernel, or modify the original configuration files, is really something I have a hard time doing.

A couple months ago, I started thinking about a better, Symfony 2 like way to do it better. Here it is.

I have pushed  a pull-request to ezpublish-community a couple minutes ago that applies a couple changes required to get this working. It also explains in details what is done, and what the benefits are:

This is still rough around the edges, and many elements can very probably be improved. But in the meantime, I've been using it for weeks on my dev setup, with 4 different projects co-existing peacefully, without having to deal with conflicts when pulling from GIT.

This is what my apps look like from my IDE:

My app structure from my IDE

It does what I had in mind:

  • Several independent apps can be hosted together, without any interference
  • Modifying EzPublishKernel.php or default configuration files is no longer necessary
  • Changes to eZ Publish itself (new bundles, new configuration...) are  transparently included
  • The app folder can be versioned, since it isn't part of the distribution

What do you think ? Is it something you'd use ? How would you improve it ?

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