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Review and Testing Request for bcimagealias Extension

Saturday 17 March 2012 11:58:32 pm

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Hello eZ Community!

Our post today is regarding the eZ Publish extension BC Image Alias, 'bcimagealias' needing review and testing.

About BC Image Alias

BC Image Alias is a true eZ Publish extension that provides command line script, workflow event, cronjob parts, class methods, module views and admin siteaccess content structure menu items to create, remove and regenerate content object image alias variations.


Please feel free to share this information/email with anyone who could help answer these vital unanswered questions.

The extension is available here,

Currently the downloads are not as recent as the github source code.

The extension documentation is here,


The project is here,


Review Questions

Here are some of the vital questions I have to ask any eZ Publish developer who could share the answers to all my most pressing concerns.

1. Does the extension bcimagealias corrupt, cause or could cause harm/damage/corruption/risk/danger/loss/etc to an eZ Publish user or website with it installed and or used.

2. Should this extension be changed in any way?

3. Does this extension merit a paragraph of text in doc/WARNING to warn the user(s) that this extension corrupt, cause or could causeharm/damage/corruption/risk/danger/loss/etc.

4. Most of the functionality is provided in a static context within the bcimagealias class which can be customized as needed further to providesimilar functionality to several different use cases as already documented,

5. Is the bcimagealias class bad for using static features in PHP within an eZ Publish context as it does today, if Yes then why is it bad to usethe static feature in the way it does today.

   IE: $result = BCImageAlias::instance( $BCImageAliasExecutionParams)->createByObject( $object );


6. Is this class bad for being used in a 'chaining' style in providedscripts, cronjobs, workflow events, module views, etc.

   IE: $result = BCImageAlias::instance( $BCImageAliasExecutionParams)->createByNodeSubtree( $object->attribute( 'main_node' ) );
$result = BCImageAlias::instance( $BCImageAliasExecutionParams)->createByObject( $object );


7. Is the bcimagealias class bad for using static features in PHP within an eZ Publish context.

8. Is the bcimagealias extension parts like script, cronjob, workflow event parts implementations file names named badly or how should they berenamed.

9. In the bcimagealias extension kernel override classes provided are introducing risk (in the changes provided from current patches)

10. How specifically is the extension documentation lacking in theperspective of the user and developer.

11. How could it be improved to be the very best for the end user and developer.

12. How specifically is the extension project page content lacking in the perspective of the user and developer.

13. Is the use of PHPdoc style PHP file comments accurate, complete and usable.

14. The most important question over all others from a legal / copyright /distribution perspective. The following question is vital to the authors rights.

14.1 Is the distribution of this extension / work / software product known as bcimagealias under the GPLv2 (or later) clause illegal, immoral or plain wrong considering some aspects were based in idea on another separate extension like bcloremipsum which was also based on the ideas provided in the original loremipsum extensions by eZ Systems under the terms of the no documented license.

14.2 To my knowledge the above undocumented license that makes it copywritten in todays times but free ware or public domain without aprovided or documented license. If it was any license I would expect GPL as all other extensions by eZ Systems are.

14.3 We took the ideas and reimplemented based on them while assigning theGPLv2 (or later) license to the code and distribute this transformed workunder a specific license not specified by the for mentioned ideas. So this act in your opinion or another more knowledgeable source .. is what we've done wrong / illegal or immoral. We are mearly specifying thelicence choice of our copyrightable changes.




Let us know here in the comments if you have any questions or need any further information.

We welcome all of your feedback. Thank you for your continued support!



Brookins Consulting

eZ Publish Community Partner Team Member

BC Image Alias code:

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