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2012.12 - Third Opus of eZ Publish Community Project in the "5" Era Hitting the Road Today

Friday 18 January 2013 12:46:14 pm

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Big-up to all contributors and eZ Engineering, today is a special day thanks to you: the third opus of "eZ Publish 5" build of Community Project!

You will be able to use the embedded 4.x version as a standalone version, for transition purposes. We highly encourage you to get acquainted from now on with the pure eZ Publish 5 stack, that is based on Symfony 2 Framework (full stack). Read on to learn more.


Thanks to our contributors!

Hat-tip to this build's contributors!!

Important: Read the Release Notes in details. They bring extensive information on installation of eZ Publish 2012.12, extension of eZ Publish 2012.12 and the brand new PHP API, documentation, articles from the core-team, known issues, and ways to give feedback.


Detailed information

This build brings:

  • 10 bug-fixes for registered issues
  • 8 pull-requests merged
  • 66 enhancements

Please continue downloading, testing these builds, and sending back your pull-requests or feedback: eZ Publish grows with you, thanks to you. The contributors to this build are wholeheartedly thanked in the Credits list.

For those who have not yet started contributing to eZ Publish Community Project, you can have a quick look at :

In case you missed this one, have a look at the build policy for eZ Publish Community Project here.

All you need to know :

Have fun testing and tweaking!

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