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Applications are Open for the Next Term of the eZ Community Board

Monday 17 March 2014 9:19:28 pm

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On Wednesday, March 7th 2013, the second eZ Community Project Board was introduced to the eZ Community. It was the beginning of a great second term for this governance group that spearheaded the development and the evolution of our innovation-focused community.

The time is here again to vote on the board’s 3rd term. Read on to learn what the board has been up to, what’s coming up, and how you might help. 

Unconference Sessions in Montpelier 2013

(The Community Board is a global group, but this picture has slightly more than 51% of the members.)

The Community Project Board (CPB) is composed of three members from eZ Systems and three members of the community. eZ Systems is represented by staff from Engineering, Professional Services, and Community Management. We like to have a diverse selection of community members to represent the eZ community across multiple markets and use cases.

The board’s goal is to ensure the health and growth of the eZ Community. This involves facilitating technical projects, like sample applications and improvements to the community project infrastructure, as well as organizing community contributions to the eZ code. It also involves non-technical work, like marketing, organizing, speaking, mentoring, and evangelizing. With the transition to eZ Platform, the job of the Community Board will be even more important.

The board meets online about every 3 weeks to discuss the status of the eZ Community project, set and drive community initiatives, and catch up on our progress. Being a board member usually requires just a few hours a month to meet and to put some work towards any projects between meetings. You can read some testimonials from board members below to get a feel for what it’s all about.

The detailed responsibilities of the Board and a list of criteria which need to be fulfilled to be a board member are listed in the governance document. Per-applicant and cross-board criteria apply.

Mostly, a good board member is someone who is passionate about eZ and Open Source and wants to drive the community forward. If that sounds like you, make sure to apply! You can apply by either commenting under this post or directly through our contact form.

Applications will close on April 14th. Voting will happen shortly after by the current Board members, and results published immediately.

Last year, the board did a lot, including:

  • Serving as a liaison between eZ Systems and the Community
  • Improved access to API docs, and outlined feature comparisons between eZ 4 and eZ 5 to ease the transition for developers
  • Wrote more than 20 blog posts and tutorials, including a tutorial article by Gilles in PHP Solutions magazine, now publishing on in 4 parts.

There’s even more in the works now, including:

  • Bringing in a broader community to eZ, like members of the Symfony community and more disciplines from the broader arena of Experience Management
  • Defining clear upgrade paths between the Community and Enterprise editions
  • Promoting eZ through events like conferences, tutorials, and hack days
  • Working to organize the community to improve the eZ ecosystem, including improvements to our project management process and improvements to and

It’s a very exciting time to be working with eZ, and the job of the CPB is to represent you, the community. Apply to be a member, or contact a member and let them know what you think. It’s your community, and we want it to be great!

Apply Here

What the current board members say

"Being part of the [eZ Community Board] is renewing my interest every years, with a double feeling of pride & fun. Indeed each year provide many new challenges, incoming members and also new personal questioned to fit with the eZ Publish roadmap and ambition. eZ Publish is now deeply linked to Symfony, which is a very different technical paradigm, also with a very different community. So the community and the CMS will probably move together to something new, to reach a very ambitious goal : provide the best Open Source CMS experience for editors & companies, but also for the developers daily life. I feel myself in the middle of all the target, and keep all my motivation to help the board to accomplish new challenges with fresh ideas"

-- Gilles Guirand, Kaliop

"Working on the eZ Community Project Board has many benefits. You get to develop relationships with key community members and eZ Systems staff. You're in on the ground floor of decisions regarding the community edition of eZ Publish. The visibility you gain is a lot of fun and good for business. But most importantly, you get the honor of being part of the sharing of this open source project with its community, giving them the tools and inspiration to take more and more responsibility for its development together with eZ Engineering. The most fun is the social engineering. Since there aren't many vendor backed open source projects with contributing communities, we're at the cutting edge of empowering innovation from vendor and community together."

-- Greg McAvoy-Jensen, Granite Horizon

"Being part of the board eZ Community Project  Board is just plain fantastic.

Where else would one get the opportunity to do more eZ-related work after having exhausted all venues of professional collaboration and personal extension-development? Also you get to enjoy all the benefits of the high-quality audio annihilation technology Skype offers for intercontinental calls, coupled with the always-excellent hotel wifi. And the occasional weird schedule for conf calls - especially when you are the only member living in Papua. There’s even more: an extremely cool-looking turquoise badge you will see popping up on your personal profile on, and endless discussions on tuning to perfection a paragraph’s opening word or background color for a web page.

But the very best is simply being a part in a team of such wonderful persons, where you get to learn and be inspired as much (and in fact much more) as you become inspiration for all the other members of the ecosystem."

-- Gaetano Giunta, eZ Systems

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