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Community Project Board meeting minutes - April 4th

Saturday 07 April 2012 7:49:01 pm

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Here are the minutes of the 19th Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Present: Nicolas, Gilles, Greg and Robin (Gaetano on Holiday and Bertrand excused)

During this meeting our focus was fully on one single subject: further improving the processes around pull requests on Github and bug report triage. Our other items are still on-going and their status can be viewed in our previous meeting minutes.

Between the previous and this meeting we have been working on a draft for these improved processes. A digest, on how we want to start this up is listed below:


Realization plan

Phase 1 : Immediate actions
 - Github notifications for pull-requests to land on the CPB mailing-list
 - Follow process described in our draft doc.
 - Create a spreadsheet listing community members + eZ Engineers/employees by technical speciality. Add : github handle, twitter handle, google+ account. Spreadsheet to be made available to the triage team too.

Phase 2 : creating the "eZ Publish Triage Team" (temp. name ! )
 - Crisp description of this team, for "Selling" it : roles, responsibilites.
 - In the first rounds, focus on managing the pull-requests. Later on: triaging the bugs in JIRA
 - Steered by the CPB
 - Every CPB member contacts one candidate for the team + short-screening by the CPB when opening it up to more applicants
 - Practical pre-requisites :
     - have a github account
     - have an eZ Ecosystem account
     - Optional : Twitter and G+ handles. Skype account.
     - Signed CLA
 - Training material to be prepared by the CPB : tools, how-tos, communicational aspects
 - Create a dedicated team page on
 - Mailing-list for this team
 - Badges for this team :
     - Member of the team
 - Welcome letter from eZ, thanking them. Snail mail.

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