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Community Project Board meeting minutes - August 28th

Tuesday 28 August 2012 11:34:39 pm

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Here are the minutes of the 24rd Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

August. 28th, 20:00 CEST
Present: Greg, Robin, Jérôme, Gaetano, Nicolas.


Updates from last meeting's actions

  • Action [Bertrand]: Start designing the short (1 question) polls for's homepage, about eZ Publish 5,
    Ex: "How do you feel about eZ Publish 5?" 1) Scared to death 2) Over excited
    Update: still pending
  • Action [Robin / Greg] : Determine which are the top 5 extension types used in enterprise or community installations by talking with developers, checking analytics, surveys--whatever it takes.
    Possible examples
      - Create material (polls, surveys, others) to talk to extension developers and get an idea of the top 5 types of extension used in real-life.
    Objective:  - Align eZP5 development on this ranking.
    Update: preparation ongoing, should be ready in two days from now.
  • Action [Gaetano/Nicolas/Bertrand] : Build 2012.7 from the ezpublish5-integration branch (if not merged yet into master).
    Update: Board decision to skip 2012.7 ( blog post to be published to explain the rationale + download page to be crafted, linking to the explanatory blog post ).
    2012.8 scheduled for this week.

Further brainstorming on eZ Publish 5 rollout

Writing documentation to help extension developers

  • jv: current docs from Engineering are stored in confluence, not yet open to public consumption (due to ongoing work in sso integration)
  • gg: a tutorial could be written for the most simple, generic extension which can already be developed today (custom module, template, node template override)
  • jv: override.ini equivalent is not ready yet, but module/view+template can already be done
  • jv: datatype extensions can be written already, but there is not enough docs yet on how to do it
  • nfrp: we need comprehensive docs for all types of extensions. Should be written according to priorities determined by the poll.
  • gg: it is a good idea to prepare a dictionary/terminology mapping eZP 4 to eZP 5, both for extensions (cookbooks) and concepts. It has to be comprehensive, more than extensions were ever documented for eZP version 4
  • greg [starts it out it while talking...]
  • nfrp: the docs are going to be written iteratively. It can be done in “advent calendar” fashion, filling out the “holes” one by one. Every item in the calendar is a “bit” of documentation about a specific feature. First items are started immediately, last one is on 24th of december
  • gg: +1 for the idea, but do we have enough manpower for it?
  • robin: an example document for transitioning extensions (which was released at the same time as the new version of the cms)
  • greg: if a self-sustained eZP5 version will not be ready soon enough, we might create wrong expectations or just start too soon with teaching developers
  • jv: focusing at the moment on the Sf stack / api can help averting that risk, as it’s complete and stable


  • nfrp: is the CPB ok with focusing entirely on documentation for the near future?
  • greg: are there other things missing that we should focus on to enable eZP 5?
  • jv: missing features as of today: a few datatypes, siteaccesses using different databases, rest api v. 2.0 is underway
  • jv: beta1 is end of september, 1st rc is in october. To avoid training developers on changing features we probably should not start before the release candidate


Until end of 2013, the main focus ( ~80% of the time) of the Board is around documenting and creating knowledge around eZ Publish 5, educating the eZ Community.


Next steps

  • Action[Greg + Robin]: Publication of the survey,September release of eZ Publish 5,
  • "Creating one's own custom module, with a template" tutorial written by Greg & Brandon, helped by Jérôme and Nicolas, to be shipped at the same time as the September release of eZ Publish 5,
  • Action[Gaetano]: Explain the concept/idea of the "Mega eZ Publish 5 advent calendar" to the Community,
  • Action[tbd]: Set-up the 1st chunk of documentation to be written, based on the survey results,
  • Action[everyone]: Until next meeting, come-up with the prioritized top-3 list of tasks for the remaining 20%of Board time. 

The upgrade dictionary - first sketch

4.x 5.x
eZ Publish template Twig template
datatype fieldType
node location
object content
fetch function  
attribute fieldValue


Next meeting

Sept. 18th, 20:00 CEST on Skype.

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