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Community Project Board meeting minutes - December 2nd

Monday 06 January 2014 7:45:49 pm

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Here are the minutes of the 41st Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.


#41 Dec. 2nd 20:00 CEST
Present: Nicolas, Greg, Joe, Gaetano, Gilles, Andre.


Catch-up open tasks

4 vs. 5 spreadsheet


Old Update

Discussion with Andre + Jérôme + Gilles. All agreeing in principle on furthering this spreadsheet.

Idea: extend the discussion to other community members, via a face-to-face meetup OR virtual meetings / hang-outs.


Gilles: conclude with Andre about the opportunity or not the let the engineering spend more time to fill the spreadsheet. Option 2 : do it with jerome outside the job time. In all case, a meetup is expected @ Lyon to extend the topic with other community members, helps to focus on important features to explain


Current update :



  1. Have the confluence page as the reference doc on comparison, and link (at the bottom of the page) towards:

The confluence page is maintained by eZ Systems (Engineering/PM/Doc)

The spreadsheet will be maintained by …, with comments for improvement by community driven via a forum on

  1. Have only the confluence page



Option 1 is chosen, with following provisions:

  • Make clear in the link to the spreadsheet that it is provided "as is" and not contractual
  • Add large disclaimer in the spreadsheet: "Last update on XXXXX",

Action[] Plan a blog-post (via Content Factory) about this on (Community Xmas gift!)

Action[Andre]: Quick pass on the spreadsheet (includes the disclaimer) and add the links.


API doc page

Update :

Trunk version: 3 full doc sets generated nightly (phpdocumentor, sami and doxygen)


Action [Gilles, Andre, Gaetano]: check out the status of documentation and come back with a suggestion on which tools to keep or drop


2013.11 build

Update :

Sylvain & Gaetano built it (twice), it is now ready for release (Sylvain is working on the campaign based aspects)


Frequency of CP build

Proposal to go for every second month instead of every month was voted with unanimity in favor a while ago.


Action [Nicolas/Andre]: prepare a short blog post to explain this.

2013.11 would be the start of this new pace. Final round of internal feedback (eZ) appreciated before going public.


Update :

Still pending.


Mentoring / Diff Squad (was: “Robin”)

Update :

Sept. 30th: Robin analyzed the contribution and reviewing patterns.

Nov. 4th: e-mail sent to list on Oct 15th, waiting for an answer. Andre to get back to Robin on this point.


Action[Robin/Andre]: Robin taking the next steps in getting the Diff Squad back on board.


Update :

Still pending. Andre replying soon.


References Sites catalog (was: “Gilles”)

(Moved to next meeting, 12/2/13)


Discussion: see previous minutes


Decision: Principle decision to engage in:

  • Creating a place (tbd) where we present what eZ Publish is to the community, in a very synthetic way,
  • Creating a logo wall ( / portfolio / "who relies on" / ) showcase page where partners can submit sites built using eZ Publish. Edge-case: great brands known to use eZ Publish: contacted by eZ (Online Marketing team) to ask for authorization to publicize.
  • Optional: these new pages could be translated.



Action [Nicolas]: Add an issue in the tracker 

Action [Joe]: submit a first wireframe for inspiration to the board.

Action [Greg/Nicolas]: Come-up with a succinct way to describe eZ Publish


Update :

Nicolas still to respond to Greg + Joe create the issue (wireframes) in the tracker.


New topics in this meeting



Next meeting

Jan 6th, 20:00 CET

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