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Community Project Board meeting minutes - Feb 17th

Thursday 10 March 2011 3:21:48 pm

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Here are the minutes of the Community Project Board's second meeting.


Product Direction

Release policy

Review of proposals submitted by board members.
Deliverable : RFC to the community.
Feedback on the proposals to be sent before monday night (21st) : content of the RFC published by then. Topic : how to handle the 2 months of QA. Published on tuesday.

eZ Roadmap

Update on the eZ Roadmap project



Participation Model

Assessment of missing elements for kickstarting public contributions (standards, guidance ?)
Wed 23rd : feedback sent, on the ML, on this document.


1st round approach : sign & scan.
Remaining question : what the minimal size of contribution that requires a CLA ? (cf Ole Marius, + CZ ).


Tools for the Board

Public, 2-ways channel

Blog existing atm :
Decision on a public ML

  1. Read-only ML
  2. RW ML
  3. No public ML but regular communication on RFCs (and not final decisions) through the blog

Decision : 3
Announce this to the community, with a rationale for that. If negative reaction to this, we reconsider the choice.


Private entry-point to the board

For the persons not willing to publicly get in touch with Board members on the 2-ways channel mentioned above.
Decision : contact form on, clearly stating that other means are preferred (forums, etc.)


Internal, private

Existing channels

  • Private ML existing
  • Skype for meetings

Need for somethings else ? Wiki ? IRC ? IM ? Other ?
Decision : Gilles proposing to have a look at their internal webex.


Collaboration on documents

If google docs for collaboration --> everyone needs a gmail or gapp address
Decision : we stick to gdocs for simple collaborative tasks.
File sharing possibilities : Gapps ? Dropbox ? Other ?
Decision : Dropbox. Everyone sends his account info to Nicolas.


Next meeting date & time

March 3rd, 9:00am GMT+1

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