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Community Project Board meeting minutes - January 9th

Monday 21 January 2013 4:27:31 pm

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Here are the minutes of the 29th Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

#29, December 6th, 20:00 CET

Present: Robin, Greg, Gilles, Gaetano, Nicolas

New topics

Update of the public roadmap
  • [Greg] Is this roadmap up to date?
  • [Nico] the backend for that in process of being replaced with data from the Jira actually used by eZ Product Management
  • [Gilles] any details on the integration / schedule estimates?
  • [Nico] it might not be a 100% complete integration, as some information might be confidential
  • [Greg] for Sitecore, the roadmap is available only on the partner portal, which makes sense
  • [Nico] integration was previously done by Netgen, but they are busy now. To accelerate development, new version might be developed by Sylvain (eZ employee) or CPB members
  • [Gilles] (has plenty of ideas for improving
  • [Gaetano] we currently use Jira for tracking feature requests to; forums can also be used to discuss new features and wireframes
  • [Nico] Sylvain is currently working on enriching user profile of community members to allow advanced usages (e.g. invite to an event all members of a given region). Members will need to complete their profile for this to work well. Estimated release for next step: next week
  • [Gaetano] what is the status of the share team?
  • [Nico] currently dormant. Sylvain should be taking the lead of it
  • GG + Sylvain should take care of it on friday 11
  • More general consideration: how to solve the systematic delay in the builds? Ideas:
    • every 2nd month?
    • more automation to avoid the authorization problems for external members
    • make it a fully automated cronjob (the “make” part)
  • Maud and/or Nicolas should be in charge of the “communication” part for every release; remember to give her some advance notice of build day
Board renewal

Last year's announcement about renewal:

Vote: shall we follow the same procedure?
Decision: unanimously: Yes.

One month for applicants to pop-up.

Action[Robin]: Compile the list of major achievement for this board.
Action[Greg/Gaetano/Engineering team/Gilles]: Write-down testimonials. Ideally: "new" members on the board
Action[All]: Write-down the outlook/ideas for the next term
Action[Nicolas]: Write the rest of the blog-post (skeleton, and transitions).Target date: Jan 23rd.

Action updates

No update (see previous meeting’s notes)

Next meeting

Proposal: January 30th - 20:00 CET

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