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Community Project Board meeting minutes - July 25th

Wednesday 25 July 2012 9:40:47 pm

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Here are the minutes of the 24rd Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

July. 25th, 20:00 CET
Present: Greg, Robin, Gilles, Gaetano, Bertrand, Nicolas

Note: meeting focused on the technical roadmap of eZ Publish 5 so we can think the build policy ahead, anticipate on the required training for the diff squad. Engineering's presence required.



  • Greg: proposing not to label builds of eZ Publish 5 "Community Project" as long as it is not a minimum usable for small websites/projects,
  • Bertrand: ezp 5 alpha available in august, end of august could be stable for general public. Scope:
    • run demo design from eZP 4.7 (ie. via new content api and new hmvc, policy system)
    • no new backend GUI
    • some areas still unknown (eg. configuration system)
  • Gaetano: is it doable to have a single package which can be used to install both eZP 5 and ezp 4.x ? As an alternative, will it still be doable to package standalone versions of eZP 4.x in the future?
  • Nico: the currently available “ezpublish5-integration” branch refactors heavily index.php (and hopefully little else)
  • Nico: getting version 5 out of the door is a great way to get onboard as many (new) contributors as possible
  • Robin: let’s not forget extension developers - they need to get early access to the new version to be able to migrate existing extensions / create new ones.
    • Bertrand: extension points are not currently the focus of development. Datatypes, custom modules, template operators should be ok, but all others will have to be rethought.
    • Nico: extension developers can be ambassadors for eZP 5 if we support them
    • Gaetano: extension developers risk being the group which gets penalized the most in the upgrade, as existing websites can keep running on the eZP 4 stack and integrate eZP5 functionality, new sites will be built from scratch on eZP5, while all extensions will have to be rewritten
    • Bertrand: true, but the rewrite could be easier than expected
  • Gilles: what about eZFind?
    • Bertrand: currently, plan is to keep it working inside the eZP4 stack
    • Solr is integrated much deeper, by default, in the new Public API
  • Greg: prepare a schedule of "surveys" by community members, triggered right after the build of eZ Publish 5 Community Project.
    Objective: gather input once we have put something in their hands, gather their fears about moving towards eZP5, what they are excited about
  • Bertrand: poll community members on which extensions they usually use (examples).
    With the community, rank the extension types & features (design, modules, datatypes, events, etc.) and use this ranking as input in the development prioritization process.
    Nico: this could lead to hackathons, or development contests on specific extension types. Ex: "Be the first to rewrite your module extension for eZ Publish 5".
    Bertrand: based on this, write a blog post og
    After which allocate time from someone to test migrating them (and write blog posts in the process)
    Tip from Greg: look at stats (DL, analytics) from to get an idea of the most used extension types.
  • Bertrand: nightly builds created from the alpha state, gives a sense of "in-progress"
  • Greg: might be as well “more frequent than monthly” schedule


The Community Project Board is comfortable about the idea of building the first eZ Publish 5 Community Project around the Netgen Summer Camp.

Next steps

  • Action [Bertrand] : Start designing the short (1 question) polls for's homepage, about eZ Publish 5,
    Ex: "How do you feel about eZ Publish 5?" 1) Scared to death 2) Over excited
  • Action [Robin / Greg] : Determine which are the top 5 extension types used in enterprise or community installations by talking with developers, checking analytics, surveys--whatever it takes.
    Possible examples:
      - Create material (polls, surveys, others) to talk to extension developers and get an idea of the top 5 types of extension used in real-life.
      - Align eZP5 development on this ranking.
  • Action [Gaetano/Nicolas/Bertrand] : Build 2012.7 from the ezpublish5-integration branch (if not merged yet into master).

Next meeting

 Tuesday August 28th 20:00 CEST ( Paris time ) meeting #25

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