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Community Project Board meeting minutes - July 4th

Thursday 05 July 2012 8:50:40 pm

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Here are the minutes of the 23rd Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

July. 4th, 20:00 CET
Present: Nicolas, Greg, Robin, Gilles, Bertrand

eZ Diff Squad

Finish on-boarding process

Missing information (to be requested on the team's mailing-list)

  • Small photograph (ask if can be picked from,
  • Mention your expertise fields for addition to the eZ Ecosystem expertise spreadsheet (list the available expertise fields for inspiration),
  • Need help to set-up their local eZ Publish installation, from master ?

Give link to the recorded webinar
All other tasks in the realization plan shipped ? All done, Nicolas will finish the team page.
Action [Robin] : send the email requesting missing info ( cf above )
Action [Robin] : follow-up in one week from now : any specific need ? motivation gauge ?
Action [Greg] : trying to make the recording of the introduction training available in GDocs


2012.6 not built yet : emergency
Action [Nicolas] : build !

Topics brainstorm

  • Check on minutes #19 and back, ‘previous tasks’
  • Monthly build of eZ Publish 5 developer preview ?
  • Build the two (4.x & 5.x) in parallel ?
  • Question of documentation of the 5.x stack
  • Documentation for upgrading eZ Publish:
    • the upgrade path from 4.4 to a current community project edition
    • the lateral path from any given of community over to Enterprise
    • the lateral path from any given version of Enterprise over to community

Decision : next meeting focused on the technical roadmap of eZ Publish 5 so we can think the build policy ahead, anticipate on the required training for the diff squad. Engineering's presence required.


Next meeting

July 24th 20:00 CEST ( Paris time ) meeting #24

Highlights and worth reading

eZ Publish and the Symfony2 framework, a hot cocktail:

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