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Community Project Board meeting minutes - March 14th

Tuesday 20 March 2012 9:21:54 am

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Here are the minutes of the 18th Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Note; we have not published the minutes of the 17th meeting (March 5th), this was entirely spent on discussing the renewal of the board and no minutes were taken during that meeting.

New topics

Welcome to the new members : Greg, Bertrand

(and the Lyon eZ Engineering team)

The Board's mission

Current ( from ) :
"The eZ Community Project Board mission is to lead the community, facilitate collaboration between the community and eZ Systems and to foster innovation of the eZ Publish content management platform".

Detailed scope : brainstorming session.
Ideas :

  • Update the image to one from Lisbon
  • Give numbers for pages like get-involved and other “informative & philosophical” pages
  • Roadmap snaphots form the CPB, communicated, with rationale, to the entire community, regularly.
    Objectives :
    1. get more people to work on features together.
    2. increase usage of the roadmap.
  • Add a new facet to the mission : general community growth and development ("boundary spanning")
  • Getting things done. Discussion needed on  the way we work (Issue tracker ? Spreadsheet ? Post-it board ? Shared calendar? Discussing via mail and forbidding discussions during live meetings? Involving community members to carry out actual tasks?)
  • Security management : how to share access to the tools used by the board with all members. How to handle board renewals.
Organization of the Board : presentation to the new members

Google docs folder.
Board's blog.
eZ Ecosystem account signature updated. Updating LinkedIn is good too.
Meeting schedule : every 3 weeks in average. Minutes published publicly every time.
Rotation on building eZ Publish Community Project, every month. Next build : 2012.3, before March 29th.
Decision-making mechanism. Vote transfer in case of absence.

Pull-requests management : more timeliness required !

The handling of pull-requests is not timely enough today, leading to potential discouragement of contributors. The eZ Engineering capacity is not enough, we need to find a crowd-way of doing it. Up for discussion.

bm: it is often useful to “ping” the developer of a specific section / expert on a specific topic when there is a pull request relating to his area
gg: sending an “ack” message to the pull requester to let him know his request is not abandoned is not very useful if the pull request is not integrated anyway for a long time. Original poster is going to be unsatisfied
gmaj: it’s important to have an organized triaging process
rm: creating dedicated community groups like joomla did ( could improve triaging process. The main problem with this approach is size of eZ community
bd : make it fashionable to go through the pull-requests.
Need for external community members. Example : success of the hackathon in London.
bd:Advertise about doing triage
bd: it would be helpful to have a bug tracker better integrated with github - this should happen with the migration of the eZ issue tracker from wit to jira
gg: tagging pull requests with comments could be a good idea if it is doable to extract the tags via API (github does not offer useful reports about that)
bd: make sure there is no way we can use the bugtracker for PR => issues without opening issues creation to the public.

Action [ Bertrand + Greg ] : Summarize the notes and propose a draft process. Objectives :

  1. Make sure we don't demotivate PR submitters (need for "immediate" acknowledgement of their contribution)
  2. Better dispatch and "crowd-source" the integration of pull-requests. Motto : "Engagement by example"

Meeting stopped here.

eZ Flow, eZ Webin, eZ Website Toolbar are outdated every time

Extensions installed through the package system (installation wizard) are not updated with the latest changes and pull-requests. The build procedure needs to be updated to fix this.


Previous tasks

Board renewal

Action [Nicolas][done] : announce to Greg & Lyon engineering team personally, thank the non-elected applicants personally. Invite Greg & Lyon engineering team to the next meeting ( 14/03 )
Action [Nicolas through IT][missing Piwik, cf Gaetano] : subscribe Greg & Lyon engineering team to all tools (cf list in point below)
Action [Nicolas through IT][done] : unsubscribe Andrew + Ole Marius,  from ML, google doc folder, Piwik, user-group, etc (update or create google-doc with complete list)
Action [Robin][done] : invite Maxime to the team !!
Action [Nicolas][done]: announce the new Board to the Community : blog post + large campaign + thank the other applicants publicly :


Take the "ideal pull-request" task together : Robin was blocked.

Action [everyone] : review draft.
Action [Robin {helped by Nicolas}] : Need to update the tutorial about git/github (or provide  a new one): explain how to install eZ Publish from a Github fork.


Gilles delivered the new code and instructions on how to re-create the page base on the new custom tags. The page can be built again.

Action [Nicolas] : test locally and push live.
Action [Gilles] : test again the build process, Gaetano made a few updates.

Left :

  • Issues on the event planner : cache issues + posting (not working under some conditions - possible parsing issues for PHP Benelux event from,
  • Twitter block on every event, scanning the event's hashtag

Gaetano updated the piwik installation used on The CPB mailing list should be receiving a weekly traffic report by mail

Action : automate remaining steps in the build process.
Action : help Gilles solve the WPI build issues (with Gilles) => Gilles will test version 0.2


Action : get a new logo available for docblox homepage
Action : History and dependencies graph: create simple 2-column table manually for now

Topic: MS Web Installer

Advances: Reviewed by Robin; build script version 0.2 produced by Gaetano
Action [Gaetano/Nicolas to sync with Christof Z.] : Publish on Web matrix
Action[] : Windows installer screencast : re-assignment ?

Next meeting

Wednesday April 4th 2012, meeting #19

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