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Community Project Board meeting minutes - March 3rd

Thursday 10 March 2011 3:40:30 pm

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Governance Document

Remarks from Gaetano :

  • The renewal conditions & process are not very clear (under "Recruitment" header). To be rephrased, and properly explained
  • Under "Responsibilities" : rephrase the first bullet-point, make clear that this concerns future Board members.

Product Direction

Release policy

Examination of the feedback received on the RFC so far.
Decision :

  • Keep the RFC open for 3 more weeks (deadline : March 24th )
  • Make it prominent on the homepage (replacing "Forum addicts of the the month" block. ).
  • Participate to the feedback discussion. This could also trigger internal discussions. Update the presented RFC after concrete feedback has been gathered, if applicable.


Participation Model

Last feedback from everyone (Gaetano had some, Ole Marius will provide feedback during the meeting)
Ole Marius :

  • Slice 'n dice the document in to digestible bits. Separate into several docs ?
  • Update about the CLA + guidelines for how this applies
  • GIT Tutorial : must-have, as a compliment to this doc
  • Contributions to the Documentation : Geir Arne (eZ Doc-man ) is really open to this. Could be mentioned in the doc. Need for a light infrastructure to channel doc contributions.

Gaetano :

  • Too long. Try to have a short introduction, and split-it up

Tools for the Board

Public, 2-ways channel

Deliverable :
Announce to the community, with a rationale for that. If negative reaction to this, we reconsider the choice. Topic : "No public ML but regular communication on RFCs (and not final decisions) through the blog"

Rationale private communication

(to be reconsidered/rephrased)
In an open source project, the default is to conduct discussions in open,
public channels. The private channel will only be used for exception cases to
The cases we foresee, which will require discussions outside of the public eye,
are cases that:

  • Deal with personal matters, of persons within, or related to the project.
  • Communication regarding security issues, yet to be published.
  • Communication with external persons who have requested non-public

Private entry-point to the board

For the persons not willing to publicly get in touch with Board members on the 2-ways channel mentioned above.
Deliverable : contact form on, clearly stating that other means are preferred (forums, etc.)


Internal, private

Webex ?
Action : test between Gilles & Nicolas, about sound issues.


External Communication on Cty Project

  • List of events (including the ones where eZ is participating)
  • Required resources (ppt templates, slidedecks, data & figures)
  • Profiles update : mention membership to the eZComProj Board
36 542 Users on board!

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