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Community Project Board meeting minutes - May 27th

Tuesday 28 May 2013 8:56:29 pm

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Here are the minutes of the 36th Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

#36 May. 27th, 20:00 CET

Present: Nicolas, Gilles, Joe, Gaetano (all @eZUnconf !) Robin (Greg, André excused)

This meeting

eZ UnConference#2 - Status Update

Everyone joining, Robin remote this time.

On-site: great occasion to discuss with Christof & Roland about eZ Market.

Re-organization of team-work

JIRA tracker created, thank you André. Successful test for everyone on the call.

Action[André/Nicolas]: simplify JIRA configuration, workflows.


  • Fill in with backlog of unfinished tasks from last term, inspiration from last term's backlog,
  • Add-in new ideas

eZ Market discussion with Roland Benedetti

  • Marketplace model will change in the future
  • Ideas are currently being explored; focus on topic after release of 5.1
  • Evolution of community and enterprise digital properties goes hand in hand with this
  • Volume of work might be important if integration of all digital properties is the goal ( with with with dashboards in ez itself)
  • Idea: put up tasks on the issue tracker for working on such topics, associate them with community badges. Prerequisite: make it easier to contribute code (need a vm or source code dumps, but user accounts have to be cleansed out of it) - Jira issue: CPB-10

Catch-up open tasks

4 vs 5 spreadsheet

Needs update, alignment with Roadmap (occasion: Unconference & discussion with Christof + Roland), and then open-up.

Jira issue: CPB-5

Action: (who takes responsibility?)

API doc page

New design by Joe available at, open to pull-requests.

Jira issue: CPB-8

Idea: make a php version out of that page which self-updates, to avoid maintenance

Idea: integrate the feature comparison spreadsheet right in to this page

Next possible steps: make it a template.

Gilles: linking back to downloads for both CP and Enterprise versions would make it easier for users (a notice for Enterprise versions that only partners can get it)

Nico: due to composer usage, we might have to change naming scheme for CP versions, eg: 2013.06 instead of 2013.6

Decision: publish current version of Joe’s page (votes: 5/5); refine further and integrate with the page maintained by eZ Engineering later (there could be at least some branding added to it)


[gg]: publish current  version

[gg]: give to Joe list of all directories with sources

[Joe]: make the page dynamic

[??]: generate API docs for CP 2013.5 and EE 5.1

Next meeting

July 1st - 20:00 CEST - Skype

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